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Mushroom Tower Defense Mushroom Tower Defense

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Possibly one of the best tower defense games ever to grace Newgrounds! I love how you can have many combinations of towers, based on its elemental makeup. Much more variety than the usual 4 or 5 from other games.

+ Pros:
+ Excellent gameplay and replayability
+ Many tower types for different strategies
+ Accessories to modify attributes
+ Smooth and fluid animation
+ Good difficulty curve
+ Upgrades

- Cons
- Unable to switch up accessories and elements for later upgrade/change
- The drag-and-drop elements/accessories slightly clunky/slow
- Buy elements, then have to maneuver to element tab to move to gompher to use
- Sometimes clicked on another gompher while trying to level up another gompher / clicked behind the pop-up menu
- Some useless tower functions



General strategy:
For the most part pure gomphers are far superior to non-pure ones. Each level almost doubles the damage done per shot, so its quality over quantity because the more gomphers you have, the less optimal positions they will be in.

I always start out with two gomphers, buy elements for them, and upgrade both to level 3 ASAP. If you don't have any starter gems, go for fire and earth first. (If you already have starter gems, go build with whatever you have.) Upgrade both to level 6, then expand to a complete set of 5 level 6 gomphers, all different elements. Repeat.

Build where a gompher can reach two different paths in different places. This will double your gompher's effectiveness. Key areas are: intersections, area between two paths are close together, etc.

Levels 1 - 3:
The first three levels are impossible to lose unless you don't build anything. The money comes in fast and the first level should be spent exploring all the different combinations of gomphers (for reference later). Building ANYTHING will work (including pure gomphers). I was able to beat the first and second level with two level 6 gomphers and one level 5 - I don't understand where people are screaming difficult from!

Level 4 - 8:
Medium difficulty, go for pure gomphers.

Level 9:
Build 3 sets of pure gomphers, and then expand heavily in level 5 teleport gomphers elsewhere. These teleport gomphers will save your life towards the end waves. Maybe throw some life steals in there too.

Level 10:
This one was tricky. If you have gold medaled all the levels prior, you will have plenty of upgrades: the most important being 2 (or 3) starter gems (at least 2), 3 cash over time, 3 increase max lives, and 3 increase attack damage.

In the little loop with the intersection, start by building a full set of 5 pure gomphers. Have 4 inside the loop, one at the exit of the loop. Next, build a teleport in the center of the loop (you can fit 5 there), it'll get as many teleporting shots as it possibly can.

Expand now with a 50:50 ratio of teleports and instand deaths, mostly near the entrance of the loop (cut trees), and exit of the loop. Build a splash slow at the entrance, and another at the bottom of the loop to allow the others to wear it down.

Next, build 5-8 life steals immediately to the right of where the enemies spawn, cut tress if necessary. Make sure they cover both paths. You will NEED them to survive. (Renmants of wave 73, 74, and 75 made it to the village twice...9 damage each x 2!) This is where 125 life cushion comes in.

Expand your network of instant deaths / teleports to the bottom of the loop, and the bottom of the map directly below the gompher village. Again, have some slows at both ends so the others can get more shots in. I also built 3 pure fire gomphers there to deal some damage.

That should last you to wave 75; I ended with 49 lives left, out of 125. Needless to say, the immune to instant death and immune to teleport enemies are a b*tch to kill!

The most important accessory was the angel doll, which doubled the points. I always make sure I start a game with at least one angel doll, so I can earn gold medals.

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Detonate 2 Detonate 2

Rated 4 / 5 stars


The red bombs are the only way to down the copter. They don't hurt you.

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Deadly Investigation Deadly Investigation

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Standard gameplay like any other adventureish stuff, with good potential but has some problems.

1) As many other have said, finding doors is seriously the most annoying aspect of the game. In the West Wing I was unable to find two of the four doors on the left hand side, so I searched the whole map available to me at the time to find a key...twice. This was incredibly time wasting and not too fun.

To fix this, please MARK with arrows or some overhead symbol for doorways. With green wallpaper and green doors and overhead view the doors are camouflaged. Other wallpaper designs also appear to look like a door but is not. Also if you're directly next to the wall, the camera angle is complete vertical thus impossible to find doors. This MUST be fixed.

2) Second, motion is awkward. Arrow keys are fine, but also could have had WASD key. He felt extremely sluggish, especially if you walked into objects and had to maneuver around. This problem was the most apparent when zombies were about and you had to AIM and squeeze off shots, or in the case of reloading, turn around, run, reload, turn around, walk backwards, aim, and shoot. Because aligning a shot is pretty hard (with slow turning), maybe auto-aim (within reasonable directional aim) would be better.

3) Third, please allow people to review instructions instead of showing it once and be done with it. A pop-up instruction box would be nice. In my encounter with my first zombie, I kept pressing s (which was actually reload), but was actually Z+X for firing the revolver. I took a lot of hits on that one. Crowbar(?) and general attack is awkward also, the Z+X combination. Would have been better for Z = general action, X = fire weapon, [SPACE] = switch weapon, and R = reload. (not sure for other commands, I died pretty early.) Or mouse aim would be nice.

4) Along with that, please give us a health bar so we know how much damage our guy can take. I think it's six zombie slashes, but I would like to know when I'm about to die.

5) Going through doors when zombie is chasing. When you enter a new room, the zombie stays in the doorway and waits. If you were to reload, and then re-attack, the zombie gets free hits on you as you try to reenter the room, because 1) he's in your way, 2) you're surrounded by black and is in neither room. This needs to be fixed somehow.

6) Still reloading issue, as others have said. This is how I lost to the second zombie in the East Wing.

7) Reading through the pages was annoying. Please fix the controls to give readers greater amounts of freedom (going back a page).

8) Map function of explored rooms. If I can guess, the whole layout is MASSIVE with lots of locked doors; might want to help out the player instead of him wandering about.


Because I died pretty early, I can't really give a critique of the storyline. The feel of the game is rather slow mostly because of sluggish movements and the search-and-find element. The time spent finding doors didn't help much either. Overall, graphics are rather nice (other than wallpaper/door lookalike), although I find it odd for a few small pieces of furniture in a massive mansion. The atmosphere is well done, as well as the 'surprise!' in the first zombie encounter. Movement and camera angle is horrid.

These few technical aspects plague this game from being suspenseful and fun to being rather frustrating and annoyed, so you earned a 6/10 for its potential. If the above points are addressed, I'd be more willing to give it a replay and go through the whole plot.


Also, I believe the word you're looking for is "colleague", not "college". This error is repeated a few times throughout the game and in the above description.

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Donitz responds:

Thanks alot for the feedback.

I fixed some of the issues, the details are in the description.